Top Magic Mushroom Strains You Should Try

amazon magic shroom

You do not want to be left behind when it comes to taking magic mushrooms. Although there are different ways of enhancing your psychedelic experience, the most important thing to consider is the strain of magic mushrooms. The right strain should have these important qualities:

  • Ability to grow in unfavorable conditions
  • Potent and high yield
  • Have lots of flushes

For instance, the African transkei australia strain is grown in a range of ways. Maybe you are aware of magic mushroom grow kits, the strains can also be found in spores, the mycelium grows kits, and prints. The following are the top magic mushroom strains you should know.

B+ Psilocybe Cubensis Strain

If you are a beginner, you may not know the perfect strain for the beginner. In fact, the perfect strain is B+ psilocybe cubensis. Since it is adaptable and self-assured, it is perfect for beginners who are not used to cultivating. In fact, the strain can adjust quickly and grow in different conditions, substrates, and temperatures.

The strain originates from Florida and it is taking the magic mushroom farming by storm. You should note that this is the most used magic mushroom strain in the world.

PES Amazonian

psychedelic mushroomMost people who are taking a psychedelic trip for the first time want it to be easier. They only need a little fun without crazy visuals. There are others who want to maintain the main course. As a result, you should seek PES Amazonian strain. This is perfect if you are looking for an authentic psychedelic experience. The strain originated from the Amazon jungle. You will find it to be a big and fleshy mushroom with an average height of 8 inches.


This magic mushroom strain is associated with Terence Mcknenna. In fact, the strain has an extraordinary character. If you are planning to grow magic mushrooms, then you should consider this strain because it is a stable grower. This strain is made to bring the philosopher out of you.

Golden Teacher

This type of magic mushroom strain is popular among psychonauts and cultivators. They are liked by cultivators as they grow huge flushes. Also, they deliver a psychedelic journey that has a profound impact. They may not be as fast fruiting as compared to other strains because they grow in less favorable conditions. Thus, they are ideal for first-time cultivators. If you want to have deep conversation and spiritual depth, then the golden teacher is perfect for you.…